ChallengeCoins4Less Designs Top Quality Custom Coins

At ChallengeCoins4Less, we will provide you with wide array of custom coins options that you can choose from. We will make it as unique as you want with great prices.  We have different available metal styles that will be suited for your organization. You can choose from polished gold metal, polished silver, black nickel, polished brass, polished copper, antique gold, antique brass, antique silver or antique copper, or even a duo-tone effect.

If you want to add touch of professionalism and style to your custom coins, we have some limited designs of diamond cut edges that you can choose from. We offer standard cut, rope-cut, cross-cut, wave-cut or oblique-cut edges. It will surely make your custom coin more attractive and catchy.

Challenge Coin

We also provide you with additional coin options. We offer various designs for your custom coins to be more stylish and elegant. If you want to add some dramatic effect to your coins, you can choose custom shapes and cut-outs for your coins. Engraved text makes your coin look more classical and traditional. To make your coin have a bolder design, you can choose 3D designs or translucent enamel to achieve a sheer look. Being overprotective with your coin? We can put epoxy coating on it and worry no more. We can also add some photographs to your coin through our offset printing. If you want to make your custom coins to bottle openers and key chains, we can also make it possible.

When it comes to packaging, ChallengeCoins4Less still give you the best service. Whatever packaging you want from our packaging options, we will deliver right away to you as fast as we can. With our free standard option, your custom coins are packaged in clear PVC pouches. We can also deliver it to you with velvet bags, coin capsule, velvet presentation box, or custom pouch insert. We also have custom coin stand perfect for displaying your coins on your office desk.

custom military coinsChallengeCoins4Less cares about your money too so all our custom coin products comes with very affordable price. We produce custom coins worthy of your money. We won’t charge any fee for artwork, design and revisions. You can change your designs all you want until you have decided on the perfect design that will reflect your commitment to your organization. We deliver challenge coins to different parts of USA for free! Not only that, if you order for above 300 pieces of custom coins, moulding fee will be free of charge. We can guarantee you that we have here the best custom coin pricing of the town with the quality products as well.

We understand that you value time very well and so we are very dedicated in producing your coins fast and simple. Through our best graphic artist designers, designing challenge coins is simple.

Our talented artists perfectly craft your challenge coins in four easy steps.

Sending us your desired designs or ideas would be the first step. We accept any type of files or templates unlike other companies or manufacturers. You can send your designs to any template you want. Whether it is a drawing, photographs, adobe files, scanned images and in paragraphs, we are very willing to accept and check on them. You just have to email us at and include there the designs and details of your coin as well as your contact information.

After sending your designs, you can now choose your coin shape. We customize your challenge coins’ shape with no additional fees. We can create unique shapes that would perfectly represent your organization. Be imaginative on choosing your coin shape and we’ll surely craft it for you. From the classical circles to new designs like bottle openers and key chains, ChallengeCoins4Less will provide it for you.

custom coins

The third step of designing your custom coin is choosing the metal style. You will find the best style for you with over our 8 different metal styles that you can choose from. Each of them showcases unique qualities that will truly make your custom coin special. Our talented artists will make your custom coins the way you want it. Polished gold, silver metal, antique gold, antique silver are just some of our metal style choices that can make your custom coins achieve a traditional, dramatic, or duo tone look.

You need to choose your custom coin options as well. We have different custom options made available for you. From diamond cutting edges, 3D Designs, epoxy coating, bottle openers to packaging and more, we ensure you the best variety of options that suits your custom coins.

Once all steps are finished, we can start crafting your coins right away. With just two to three weeks your challenge coins can be brought to you and see our high quality custom coin products for yourself. We assure you that all our products are worthy of your expectations and money as well.

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How To Get Golf Shoes Online

Golfers normally wear special shoes before playing their games. Their shoes usually contain spikes that can be made of plastic or metal. These golf shoes help them walk and play in grassy and slippery golf courses. Most golf clubs have dress codes and they require players to wear these shoes.

Golf shoes can be bought in stores selling sporting goods. If your place doesn’t have a shop that sells these items, you can order them online.

To know on how to purchase these shoes online, here are the steps on how to do it.

Know your shoe size

GolfBefore you purchase shoes online, make sure that you know your shoe size. If you don’t know it, it will be difficult to buy items online. Make sure to measure your feet first. You can do it by tracing one foot on paper. After tracing it, use a ruler to measure its length and width. Take note of the measurements and look for a shoe size chart and converter online. You should also know how other countries measure shoe sizes so that you won’t get confused.

Think about your ideal shoes

After knowing your shoe size, think about the ideal shoes you want. If you have a favorite color, you can buy shoes of that color. Ask yourself if you prefer rubber or leather golf shoes. Decide whether you’ll buy shoes with plastic or metal spikes. Having ideas will help you find the perfect shoes fast.

Look for online shops

Use the internet to search for online stores selling golf shoes. Some stores offering these items also sell various golf equipment. Find out the payment methods they accept. Make sure that they are applicable to you. Don’t consider the shop if it will be difficult to pay for the available items.

Compare the shoes

Before you buy a pair of golf shoes in an online store, compare the items you’ve seen first. Aside from the shoe designs, compare the prices as well. Don’t forget to check the product details and reviews. Make sure that there are items appropriate to your size. Pick the pair that you like the most and adding the selected item(s) to the shop’s “cart”.

Pay for the shoes

Golf clubsAfter ordering a pair of shoes, specific your preferred payment and shipping method. Identify the total amount you need to pay. Some stores have shipping fees and they usually depend on the items purchased and the destination where they will be delivered. If you’re planning to pay using a credit card, be careful filling up card details. Make sure that all the information specified are correct. As for other payment methods, wait and follow the seller’s instructions on how to do them correctly. Some methods might require you to go to a bank or post office to send money.

Wait for the shoes to be shipped

Wait for the order to be shipped after paying for it. Find out how long will it take before it arrives in your area. You can track it down if the seller provided a tracking number. If you haven’t received your order yet, notify the seller immediately.

Check the shoes

Once your order arrives, you can start opening the package. Check if there are defects. If the shoes are defective, ask the seller on how to return them.

Make a review

If you order arrived successfully, make a product review. Let the people know if you’re satisfied with the product or not. Write a service review as well. Describe your experience with a particular seller. You can also recommend it to your fellow golfers.

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12 Secrets To Success Of Motivational Speakers

Why do motivational speakers live amazing lives? How can they smile and remain positive after going through difficult situations? We often get those questions. It’s not uncommon to hear people wonder about the life of someone who can speak boldly to the public. Being able to share a strong message to the crowd is an ability many people are trying to harness.

Secrets To Success

Keynote speaker1. Develop a message that could capture the hearts of people. Make sure it’s something extremely important so that the people will value the message and help improve their lives.

2. Prepare a brilliant speech before a speaking engagement. Write it in a witty way but fill it with substantial message that would enrich the lives of the crowd. Create something that would make people reflect and take an action.

3. Be open to criticisms. People will always have different ideas about certain subjects. It may be harsh sometimes, but it’s still good to learn from someone who points out your mistake.

4. Your family and friends will always be there to support you. They would probably say your stuff is always good just to encourage you to pursue your dreams. However, you don’t have to listen to them all the time. Unless they are successful motivational speakers themselves, they would never really have any idea how to be a good one.

5. Experience can open doors of opportunities and bring you to places. At first, you might need to offer your services for free but do that as a way of developing your talents and building your public presence. You’ll never know that your future paying client or agent is one of the people to whom you offered to speak for free.

6. It pays off to hire someone who can do a better job in handling some important tasks for you. If you’re writing a book, hire a professional editor. If you want to record your sessions, hire a professional videographer. If you want to stay out of trouble, hire someone to manage your schedule and finances.

7. Build an online presence. Online marketing is the best way to promote your work to a wider audience. Build a professional website with your profile and previous speaking engagements. Ask your family and friends to help you spread the word. Use social media as a marketing tool.

8. Identify your audience. No matter what your message is, you need to know who you are going to speak to. You can deliver the same message to people of all ages but you have to make some adjustments. You cannot speak the same way to parents and businessmen. Even if the message is the same, you need to deliver it in a way that is relevant to their experiences and day-to-day lives.

9. Do an ample of research. Educate yourself by reading plenty of books and talking to successful motivational speakers. Listen and learn from what they have to say.

Speaker10.    Dress for success. You don’t measure someone’s character by the brand of clothing he/she wears, but there’s something about dressing neatly and appropriately. Obviously, you have to wear clean clothes all the time and iron them if needed. It’s easy to feel good if you know you look good. By dressing up properly, you can feel good about yourself and can become more confident in speaking to the public.

11. Use props whenever possible. Try to use at least one material to help emphasize your message. It’s not really important but sometimes using a tool as an example can help your audience understand your message better.

12. Ask for feedback and reviews. Set up a page in your website where people can comment on your performance. You may also ask them to rate you so you will have an idea how much they like or don’t like you as a speaker.

Don’t allow unexpected circumstances to stop you from giving your best speech. Technical issues, bad weather conditions, and minor accidents happen all the time. Sometimes, you will still have enough of time to cancel the engagement but there will be moments when it would be impossible to do so. Instead of feeling hopeless and giving up, here’s what you should do – resume talking. Deliver the speech the way you would on normal conditions. People are there to hear you speak so make it worth their time despite the unexpected turn of events.

We won’t lie to you – it may take years to excel in the field of public speaking. You will get through some tough times but always remember that famed motivational speakers reach success because they never give up. If you want to be like them, you should be the very embodiment of perseverance as well – it’s not impossible, as we’ve seen many accomplish such a feat.

Motivational speakers are well known experts for their entertaining, customized and research driven programs. Click here motivational-speaker-success website for more idea about effective motivational speakers.

What you need to know before you buy research chemicals

People who wish to buy research chemicals should be aware of some basic information. Compounds termed as research chemicals are simply substances that have not been tested thoroughly. Most of them have not been used by humans. While some companies use these chemicals for pure research, some of them have been used as stimulants, psychedelics, and depressants. Despite what other sellers claim, research chemicals are not herbal medicine or safer alternatives to dangerous drugs.

Inquire information

Complete and unbiased information on all research chemicals can be difficult to find. Fortunately, there is still enough information about them which can greatly help you if you wish to buy research chemicals.

research chemicalsInternet searches can greatly help you understand about each chemical that you wish to buy. You can also look for experts that have enough knowledge on the subject. Medical journals, academic conferences and discussion forums can also help. However, be wary that not all information is equal. It is also possible that other scientist and doctors are not aware of a particular chemical that you are looking for.

One of the best places to start your search is TiHKAL and PiHKAL. You can then proceed to literary search if you want more scientific results. You can also try using public law searches to see if it is covered by any existing laws in your area. Do this as a precautionary measure since the use of certain research chemicals can be limited in accordance to law.

Also, it is important that you acquire more information about the research chemicals beyond their effects. You need to investigate their sources and how they work on different organisms. You should also be aware of how the drug is administered and metabolized in the body. Conduct a research on basic chemistry, pharmacy, and scientific balances.

Most chemical journals are fairly accurate on their publications. However, there are no guarantees about the information posted by those who make ‘trip reports’ or state personal opinions about their experiences. One testimonial can be fact or it can be a hoax. Also, everyone has different biochemistry so the applicable dosage of one person may cause severe side effects to another. Individuals who buy research chemicals and ingest them do not really know the exact amount of what they are ingesting.

Acquiring compounds to research

compoundsIn the past, most people buy research chemicals in the United States through online transactions. The compounds are widely sold and are have a generally high quality. Any research chemicals made from commercial lab with a completely analysis is considered to have the highest quality. It should be wise to conduct as composition test to verify its purity.

Also, you have to consider that even if the research chemicals are legal in the country you are it, suppliers may still be wary of selling research chemicals to non-institutional researches. Ordering from a different country can also pose complications. Packages with powders and pills are often scrutinized by the customs. Even if there are no charges brought to you, they can still be seized by authority. Paying in different currency can also be challenging since both parties may not agree on a price.

Verify the compounds

Some manufacturing companies are willing to conduct their own synthesis or may partner with an independent laboratory to test the chemicals. Some countries also have harm reduction policies that can provide you with some testing. Remember that compounds like pills and blotter can be more difficult to verify than others. Never assume that the amount stated in the label is exact. You can measure the mass 5-10 times and take the average.